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Monday October 20th 2014



“11/11/11 Moments Across the World”

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Volunteer videographers around the world are shooting footage Friday for the second “One Day On Earth” documentary, which aims to capture the world in moving pictures. The filming was intentionally chosen for 11/11/11 because it’s such a memorable date, much like last year’s date 10/10/10. ~ Dean Kosage

One Day On Earth is an entirely crowdsourced project. Anyone, anywhere in the world can join. Its website, at the center of the operation, has many social layers — members can share updates and photos, blog and connect with others. The project functions in a close partnership with Vimeo.

One Day On Earth partner organization, the UN Development Programme, has deployed cameras for filming with its teams in more than 120 countries, in locations including Mogadishu, Jerusalem, Colombia and Liberia. Boaz Paldi, head of UNDP’s video unit, revealed they’ve thus far captured footage of Haitian President Michel Martelly clearing rubble in an IDP camp in Port au Prince and a women’s empowerment project in Herat, Afghanistan. Paldi shared this, filming on the ground in Afghanistan:

“Had a great day in the field, filming a women empowerment story. As we hit the road from Herat to Adreskan district in Western Afghanistan, we felt a tad deflated upon receiving a DSS call to be extra careful since “there is information of a credible threat of suicide bombing in Herat”. Once at the field location, we were quickly able to put it all behind as we witnessed and captured on camera an amazing ‘ordinary’ woman accomplishing a lot in a diehard male bastion.”

A worldwide premiere of the 2010 documentary will take place in late February 2012 in partnership with UNDP. If you were going to capture one thing happening on earth 11/11/11 to include in the documentary, what would it be?

The “One Day on Earth” Trailer

One Day on Earth – Participate Today! from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

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